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The Benefits of Using SRP’s Services:

Choosing to work with SRP immediately reduces your sales overhead and allows your company to focus on its core competencies.

Having a proper infrastructure, eliminating inefficiencies, streamlining your sales operations and properly training your sales team are some of the most important things you can do in running a high performing sales staff. Getting there takes a lot of planning, time, money, management expertise to get to the point of running highly performing teams. SRP will customize a solution that will work best for your needs.

Direct Sales

Let us handle your direct B2B sales efforts, its what we are trained for and what we do on an everyday basis. There is nothing more frustrating than having that immediate need for sales and not having a proper infrastructure set up to conduct streamlined sales operations. Costs can skyrocket just getting to the proper functioning stage and performance is always something that needs to be skillfully managed. Allow our professional sales team to gain interest, explain the value, overcome objections and ultimately close the sale. We will exceed expectations while eliminating many employee costs such as employee benefits and above all else the costs of hiring and maintaining a sales group and exceed expectations. Benefits and payroll taxes add 47% to an employee’s salary on an annual basis.

Lead Generation

78% of business to business companies state that generating new leads is a serious challenge and many businesses struggle to find and then develop enough of the right leads. With the continual drive to increase sales, lead generation is always of high importance but is also an exhaustive and time consuming process that requires certain skills to ensure maximum productivity. Most sales executives will tell you that lead generation is one of the areas of their jobs that they like the least and consider it completely inefficient that they are charged in having to do this as it is a huge time consumer. Many companies simply don’t have the infrastructure to be able to effectively handle lead generation efforts on their own. With that said, over 60% of businesses now outsource this function as the challenge to support sales initiatives has made excelling at lead generation a critical part of any businesses process. As they say, you are only as good as your leads and as we all know, you can also never have enough leads. Not only do you need a massive quantity, but you also need those leads to be of a certain quality to ensure an efficient and effective closing ratio. Keep your sales reps doing what they do best which is selling and closing business. Let SRP use our extensive lead generation resources to customize your lead base for you which in turn will help create more opportunities.

Appointment Setting

Sales reps become inefficient sitting in the office making cold calls in an effort to set up sales appointments. They shine in negotiation and presentation, but prospecting, gathering data and analytics, getting past the gatekeeper and securing the appointment requires a different set of tools. Many sales people will tell you that prospecting and cold calling are the most frustrating, time consuming and least enjoyable part of their job. Let SRP’s trained appointment setters explain just enough value to grab the prospects attention and entice the prospect to want to know more, and then suggest an appointment to expand further. Your sales teams can then take over and execute a meeting. Sales people are great at closing deals, so let them do what they do best.


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