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The Challenges…

The need for a sales generated revenue stream, but lack the necessary funds to operate a sales department.
The overhead associated with operating even a modest sized sales group can run in to millions of dollars each year. Ever increasing costs such as competitive salaries, staff expenses, and employee benefits, especially healthcare costs, are often prohibitive for a business that needs a sales force.


The fluctuations of sales needs. Too much product, not enough sales people / too little product, too many sales people.
The perennial problem of balancing the cost of full-time sales people with the volume of product or services you have available to sell.


The lack of sales management experience necessary to maximize sales team performance.
Managing and motivating a sales group is a difficult and time consuming process. Managing key performance indicators and general sales activity is the key to business development success, but having the experience to evaluate and correct flaws in any sales processes are a difficult and time-consuming skill.


Lost productivity.
The average business loses 28% of productive sales time due to existing staff member vacation days and sick days.


The challenge of hiring high quality sales staff.
Using a recruiter or even taking on the task of hiring a quality sales person yourself is an expensive and time consuming process.


If your team is based in one time zone and your prospective clients are in another, or worse a different country.
Knowing that you have a great product, but not maximizing your sales productivity because of the geographical location of your clients is a challenge that is very difficult to overcome without setting up additional office locations.


The high cost associated with setting up the office space, plus the IT and telephony support required for an efficient sales person. Renting extra office space, buying furniture and the obvious IT & telephony equipment necessary to function can be a very expensive capital investment.


The high cost and potential legal issues associated with removing an unwanted, under-performing staff member. Being compliant with today’s employee friendly HR environment can be a difficult balance especially when managing an under-performing sales asset.


The average sales person is only productive for 40% of their working day.
Maintaining a committed, motivated high performing staff member will still only deliver an average of 40% of their day dedicated to sales related activity.


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